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Western Maine's 100% House Call Chiropractor.
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Welcome to Dr. Cory House Calls

Dr. Cory House Calls

Maine's 100% House Call Chiropractor


Stop dealing with the stress of leaving your home with your entire family, dealing with road traffic, all to find yourself waiting in a lobby for just moments of time with your doctor. Dr. Cory will bring everything professionally necessary to your home, conduct regular checkups on your family, giving you more time to do the important things.


Dr. Cory is a highly trained, licensed and insured chiropractor that takes care of children, adults, athletes, and everyone in-between. Have your body and brain wellness evaluated to find out how you can start to feel better immediately. So, if you feel stressed, tired, or full of aches and pains, then Dr. Cory can help.

House Calls + Convenience

Time is everything these days! Get adjusted in the comfort of your own home or office space. So, if you need to get adjusted, but you don't have time to drive across town then a house call is perfect for you. This special convenience of house calls provides you with the ability to get better without the hassle.

Meet the Doc

Meet the Doc: House Call Chiropractor


For me, getting adjusted around the time I started middle school sports was life changing.

I was one of “those kids” that couldn’t sit still during class (or ever), spoke more than I listened, and had more creative energy than I knew how to handle. This hyperactive brain state, although it took me longer to learn how to study than my my peers, eventually has become my superpower.

I have been learning a lot about the brain since 2010. This interest in neurology moved me to point my studies directly to chiropractic and the brain. I became a Doctor of Chiropractic in August of 2014 and from there I moved to Maine.

My true passion is providing successful and specialized chiropractic care for all types of students, infants and toddlers, busy business professionals, athletes, and whole families.

Being a House Call Chiropractor gives me the opportunity to create wonderful and purposeful relationships with the people I visit for care. My goal is that “Ahah!” moment for my patients when they realize how EASY it can be to increase their health status with house calls.

My adjusting style is gentle, thorough, and extremely variable depending on your brain, your performance, and your ability to heal. 

Meet My Family

Meet my beautiful and talented wife Meredith and our baby girl, Bernadette!

Meredith has her Masters Degree in education and spent the first 7 years of her professional career shaping the minds of middle school science students. She has over 10 years experience guiding white water in northern Maine, and has strong entrepanurial drive to help people with her company, Meredith Diana Media, where she provides commercially licensed Drone services, videography and production services for small businesses and non-profits, and a range of professional photography services from weddings to family and business photos. 

Learn more about her adventures by visiting her WEBSITE : Meredith Diana Media 

I want to personally invite you to click the button below to view my schedule and coverage zones and make your first appointment to get started with house calls!