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Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

As we celebrate the miracle of life through pregnancy and the joy of childhood, health and well-being are top-of-mind for parents, mothers-to-be, and their little ones. Chiropractic care, including techniques like Logan Basic and the Webster Technique, has emerged as a safe and effective option for prenatal and pediatric patients.

In this quick read, we’ll explore the safety and benefits of pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care, with some actual testimonials from chiropractic patients.

Ensuring a Comfortable Pregnancy Journey

“I have used chiropractic care through 2 pregnancies (and when I’m not pregnant). I believe it’s important for pregnant women to help align their pelvis and optimize the room a baby has for development during pregnancy. I look forward to my adjustments and feeling relief with pregnancy growing pains. Cory is wonderful to work with, ensures you’re comfortable, relieves hip and back pain and more! Talk with Cory to see how he can best help you in your particular situation.”

Pregnancy is a beautiful and wildly demanding journey, as is raising children. The mother’s body undergoes numerous changes during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby. Chiropractic care during pregnancy, including the gentle application of Webster and Logan Basic Technique, focuses on maintaining spinal and pelvic alignment, which can relieve discomfort and improve overall well-being.  

Another benefit of appropriate chiropractic care is the benefits of adjustment sessions on our ability to shut off our stress response. A lower-stress brain state is associated with almost all forms of healing, as the stress response can not be present simultaneously with a state of recovery. 

Regular adjustments can help with issues like back pain, hip pain, and sciatica, promoting a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

Brand New Babies

“Our eldest granddaughter went at about 2 months, and it was a miracle for her!”

Birthing can be traumatic for infants, leading to misalignments in their delicate spines and cranial facial structures. Chiropractic care for infants, which may include the Logan Basic technique, among other approaches, is gentle and safe. These techniques can help address colic, reflux, trouble sleeping, and developmental milestone delays related to retained reflexes. Many parents have reported remarkable improvements in their babies’ health and happiness after pediatric chiropractic adjustments.

Healthy Growth and Development

“Both of my babes have been adjusted from birth and continue now at 6 and 3 years. Cory is the absolute best at making them feel comfortable and safe!”

Starting chiropractic care from birth can contribute to your child’s healthy growth and development. Chiropractors with experience in pediatrics use these gentle techniques to ensure the brain responds to stress appropriately by recovering well and the spine is aligned correctly, which can enhance the nervous system’s function. This, in turn, can lead to more appropriate regulation of immune function, better sleep patterns, and overall feel-good vibes in children.

Safety and Expertise

It’s natural to have safety concerns, especially concerning pregnancy and infants. Dr. Cory makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of both mother and child. The techniques used are gentle, effective, and tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

In conclusion, pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care can provide safe and effective solutions for expectant mothers and their brand-new little ones. From ensuring a comfortable pregnancy journey to supporting healthy growth and development in children, chiropractic care offers numerous benefits. 

Dr. Cory is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to meet the unique needs of every patient, ensuring their comfort, safety, and well-being throughout their journey into parenthood.

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