Healthy Brains, Comfort, and YOU.

Do yourself a favor today, and interrupt a poor-choice pattern with something positive and healthy. I guarantee you will get good at that one thing and before you know it, you'll be chunking a new healthy pattern into your routine.

Travel Blog: Highlighting Lewiston/Auburn, Maine

My parents visited Maine the second summer I lived here.  We played hard and conquered one major home improvement project, thanks to my generous and skilled father and his 45 years experience as a residential home builder. They flew into the Portland Jetport and were picked up by my beautiful wife Meredith, then my fiancé, […]

The 3 Steps to Producing More Focus Every Day

Understanding the basis of attention deficits (or as they are now being called, attention variability disorders) is the cornerstone in learning the short and long term strategies necessary to leverage this well understood, but complicated brain-state.

How Skiing Changed My Brain

The snowy season in Maine presents endlessly unpredictable possibilities for residents, and this type of stress can contribute to more sleepless nights, less effective attention spans, and lack of preventative health efforts.

Essential Oils, Your Brain and Supporting Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Cory is scheduling Essential Oil discovery workshops in the Auburn/Lewiston, Farmington, S. Paris, and Turner areas right now. Who can schedule a workshop? Small groups, teachers, wellness organizations, sports teams, groups of healthy parents, and wellness-savvy business people. Where do the workshops take place? At family homes, business lobbies, networking group meetings, lunchrooms, classrooms, offices, etc. […]

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