The Ultimate guide to stress and life

This chiropractic presentation covers the topics of stress, brain function, and provides solutions for the every day person. This is a workshop-style presentation that includes a breathing exercise. This can be from 1-3 hours long and can include ergonomic training, postural screenings, nutrition and exercise mini-sessions, and more. 

Creating Lifelong Resolutions (3-part series)

Bj Grondin and Dr. Cory St. Denis are here to show you that Resolutions aren’t just for NEW YEARS. Learn the neuroscience of changing your brain state to create new healthy habits, foster focus and  stress recovery, enjoy activities and presentations on best practices for shopping for healthy food, and an in-depth session on the best ways to move to support lifelong health. 

The Daily Break - Human Resource Courses

At the end of this course everyone in your group will have  customized plans for multiple 15 minute “daily breaks“.  The strategies taught can save your staff from information overwhelm, ensuring healthy habits are implemented throughout each work day, week, and year. Book this talk to provide your staff with a healthy and happy relationship with stress and work.  

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The Science of Exercise - Preparing Children for Learning

This workshop will discuss how physical activity and outside play prepares the brain for learning across all ages.  It will also address how daily exposure to outside physical activity has a positive impact in reducing stress, anxiety, and attention deficit: something we all know affects our youth within our learning environments.

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