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Travel Blog: River Valley Edition

Visiting Rumford and the River Valley

Traveling often is a great privilege that coincides with my work.  Since my move to Maine in September 2014, I had my eyes set on exploring the ski mountains like Sugarloaf and Sunday River, but I soon discovered that Maine has other attractions that I never knew existed closer to home, in Jay, ME.

Rumford is home to Black Mountain: one of my now-favorite local places to ski with my wife Meredith, as well as the location I work as a ski instructor during Maine’s winter season. The teaching team, ski patrol, ski shop crew, trail cutters, volunteers, and staff that spend their time at the mountain continuously make every person feel welcome and the glade skiing is top notch. 

Dr. Cory skimming the water obstacle end of season at Black Mountain fun days.


If I am lucky and the time presents itself, I try to stop in to grab a bite to eat at Hotel Rumford. My go-to menu item is the chef’s salad. I have gotten to know Kevin and Leah Kaulback, the owners of Hotel Rumford, through working as a director on the River Valley Chamber of Commerce. They have inspired me, and many others, to work toward an even brighter future for businesses in the River Valley.  Many people are surprised by how often I am in-and-around the River Valley area.

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Need a healthy snack in this area? You must head over to Good Karma Cafe and Health Food Store.  Just ask once inside, and helpful answers are on the way! Gluten free options, great salad and smoothie options, and an entire wall of herbs and other healthful additions to your kitchen. I have been 2 times now to speak at a Wellness Day, hosted by Good Karma, where an entire day-long event includes many vendors, health talks, workshops for practical health tips, and of course a potluck lunch.  I spoke at lunch the last 2 times, which, in retrospect, was a poor choice for me personally as I stood watching everyone eat all types of amazing foods.

Here is my resource list from my last talk at Good Karma: CLICK HERE FOR A HEALTHY READING LIST


Dr. Cory St. Denis

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