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Is Chiropractic Care Right for You?

Growing a healthy family,  being a productive entrepreneur, or making personal gains with your health takes some planning and practice.

Between driving to appointments, sports practices,  day-to-day business interactions, there is precious time to “come down” from the stress of the hustle.

Mobile appointments with Dr. Cory at home and work are providing Mainers the access to a new chiropractic care program that includes brain training exercises to tune your brain to smash stress, and a special type of chiropractic care designed to help the brain “come down” from stress the right way.

First, we will determine where your brain status is currently

Check out this chart of different brain statuses, or “Brain Arousal” levels. 

Bio Chart Poster-page-001-2

FACT: As this chart illustrates, the “Brain State” is responsible for driving the body to produce certain types of body physiology.

Have you ever taken that first sip of coffee in the morning and felt a change in your body’s digestive physiology, urging you to make a trip to the bathroom?  Those “rumblings” and associated brain state change are due to the chemical cascade that caffeine provides our system.  The results of a brain state change can be rather dramatic, if the shift happens quickly.

The goal with each house call visit will be to identify your brain state.  Knowing your brain state can help Dr. Cory distinguish the appropriate type of adjustments and brain training for that day. It’s also used to track your response over time to lifestyle changes and time-based care plans.

At this point, I figure if you are still reading this you are pretty determined to make a healthy move for yourself and your family.  This is what my 15 minute phone consultations are for.  We will schedule a 15 minute call where we can get acquainted, I will hear your health story, and we will make a plan for the next steps.


Dr. Cory St. Denis

Cory St. Denis, D.C. is a Chiropractor & Co-Founder/CEO of DCTree Marketing | Productivity Hacker & Entrepreneur