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Beginner’s Guide To Chiropractic

If you are a runner, triathlon participant, skier, or other athleciser (someone who was previously associated with a sport, and now continues to exercise with high intensity) then you understand the pain associated with being down with injury.  Dr. Cory is a lifelong athlete, professional ski instructor, and runner.  He understands the aches and pains associated with working out at high intensity.

His treatment methods are gentle, specific to your sport,  and will address all types of associated pain from running, lifting, yoga, action sports, biking, and more.  Don’t wait any longer to get on the phone with Dr. Cory, so you can have a plan in place to get your body working at 100%.

Training at Prime 360: Dr. Cory can see patients from the Cornerstone Wellness clinic on 875 Court Street in Auburn and is taking personal training/ movement therapy clients upon request.


Dr. Cory St. Denis

Cory St. Denis, D.C. is a Chiropractor & Co-Founder/CEO of DCTree Marketing | Productivity Hacker & Entrepreneur