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Active Chiropractic Care Plans


  • To set up your initial evaluation appointment, Call or Text 2076193242.
  • Dr. Cory is out of network with all insurance carriers and HIPAA compliant.
  • You can request a good-faith estimate.

 When you book your first chiropractic house call or office visit, you will complete the steps via email to create a secure patient profile and each patient’s intake online. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment details.

(1) Initial Examination Visit:  

Upon your first visit at your location of choice, Dr. Cory will perform a thorough history and examination. The examination could include height and weight measurements, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration readings, orthopedic examinations, as well as various neurological exams, which may be required for Dr. Cory to determine if chiropractic care is necessary or appropriate. Dr. Cory will discuss your findings, answer your questions, and create a common sense and personalized care plan based on your situation and short/long-term goals.

The initial visit will take 45-60 minutes and the cost is $135 + $40 travel fee = $175.

(2) Subsequent Visits:

During any necessary follow-up visits, Dr. Cory will evaluate your progress and provide a specialized session based on your needs. Follow-up sessions are $95.00 for a 25-minute visit that includes appropriate chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue or biofeedback therapies, and movement or lifestyle counseling.

Additional established patients can be added to a scheduled location visit with Dr. Cory for only $55.00.

One patient $95

Two patients $150

Three patients $205

The travel fee is only charged once per unique location.

Payment Information:

Dr. Cory House Calls accepts payment via check, cash, and credit/debit cards. For your convenience, you may choose (optional) to securely store your payment information on file. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) are accepted.

*Any receipts for insurance self-submission will be provided at the end of the active care plan. Please note that some insurance companies might not accept out-of-network services for reimbursement.  Please contact your insurance provider for the details of your specific insurance coverage and self-submission of any paperwork.

Common Recommendations (Good Faith Example)

1:  Active Chiropractic care plan – This recommendation comes when a burst of appointments is required to provide active care. This is *generally 4-6 adjustment sessions or 4-6 weeks of weekly care. Dr. Cory will drive to your location once per week to provide all necessary care. On the last visit of an active care plan, there will be a re-examination. At this point, any ongoing recommendations are given based on your desired goals.

2: Pro-Active Chiropractic care plans: After an active care plan is complete, patients can elect to continue with wellness-minded visits.  These are usually once-monthly visits scheduled six months to 1 year in advance. These appointments focus less on chiropractic services and much more on movement or nutrition programs, brain training and stress reduction work, or other long-term strategies for living a healthier life.

Learn more about Good Faith Estimates and the No Surprises Act

Dr. Cory St. Denis

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