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Learn how to save time and money, receive better chiropractic care, and protect your health with the help of a brain-based wellness doctor.

How do house calls save me money?

The average chiropractor will have you visit their office up to 3x a week for an extended period of time.  With house call visits, Dr. Cory will spend 5 to 6 times as long with you at each appointment in the comfort of your home or office, accomplishing better assessments and treatment in one session, reducing your need for high amounts of repeat visits.

Accomplish more, save time, and save money.

Where does Dr. Cory travel?

Dr. Cory accepts patients in Lewiston/Auburn, Turner, Farmington, Rumford, Canton, West Paris, Fryeburg, Wilton, Augusta, Chesterville, New Sharon, and upon request, other locations.

Travel fees are associated with appointments, and may vary in certain locations.  Dr. Cory will include any important information on your free phone consultation.  Just call 207-619-3242 to find out when he will be in your area.

What do house calls cost?

You see the chiropractor 3x/week for 4 weeks at (on average) $50 per appointment which equals a total of $600 per month for a pain-control care plan. These appointments last an average of 5-10 minutes with the doctor.

House Call visits with Dr. Cory cost $85 per adjustment, with the associated travel fee of $30.  Dr. Cory sees his pain-control patients 1x/week for 4 weeks, which is a total of $460.  These appointments last an average of 30 minutes with the doctor, and there is no travel, no hassle, and fits into your family schedule with ease.

Does Dr. Cory accept insurance?

No. Insurance is a necessity in case of emergencies and illness, however insurance creates hardships for people who are looking to BUILD HEALTH instead of waiting to treat illness after it arrives.

For example, you would never expect your home insurance to cover the cost of your lawn mower, landscaping costs, or minor repairs to your dishwasher, which would require piles of paperwork for reimbursement. By removing the insurance carrier, we avoid a big headache.  

Dr. Cory can provide you with the required documentation so you can submit to your insurance company and be reimbursed based on your policy.

Do I still need to have health insurance if my family sees Dr. Cory?

Yes, you want to be covered for unexpected health events. Your situation is personal and unique.  Dr. Cory works regularly with his patients who have insurance to find an approach with house calls that will fit the needs of each individual family.

Who does Dr. Cory work with?

Dr. Cory does not directly treat disease.  Instead, his programs are designed to take the brain and body of his patient and give them the precise support they need to heal.  You’ve heard that your brain runs your entire body, and is in charge of healing?  Well Dr. Cory’s care directly changes brain function, to increase the healing capacity.

He has experience and success stories working with people who have the following diagnosis, conditions, and symptoms:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Disruptive Behavioral issues
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Overloaded Stress
  • Labored Sports Performance
  • Overwhelmed Business People
  • Children With Birth Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
  • Weight Loss Issues
  • Hormonal Balance Issues
  • Nutritional Deficiency

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